• Winchester 1885 High Wall 219 Zipper P.O. Ackley

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    Winchester Hi Wall with P. O. Ackley Barrel
    single trigger Serial Number - 59498 dated to 1892
    Barrel is Blued, marked Imp Zipper (219), P. O. Ackley on top
    nice walnut stock with heavy rounded
    checkered forearm beaver tail type cheek rest on stock is scalloped, has swivel stud
    pistol grip stock with plastic grip cap, vintage Pachmayr pad
    likely reblued when converted to pistol grip, Winchester logo gone, serial faded significantly
    unknown maker or round count
    barrel is blued, 26" long, 1.080 at receiver, .885 at muzzle, rounded blued crown
    looks like a nice piece of maple for the stocks, light honey color
    Unertl scope mounts
    heavy, receiver dates to 1892, antique, will need to a copy of your DL (and if needed any state paperwork, FOID etc.) to ship