Titanic by Robert Taylor

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Though she never completed her maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic is arguably the most famous ship that ever sailed. Since that fateful night of April 15, 1912, when the new flagship of the White Star Line struck an iceberg in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the tragic legend of the Titanic has never ceased to fascinate generation upon generation.

As she glided majestically down the Solent towards open sea, carrying passengers for the first time, no one doubted she would dominate the North Atlantic routes to the New World. She was the grandest ship afloat; no ocean liner was more opulent, no ship was more powerful; she was unsinkable!

The passage of time has done little to dim the memory of the tragic events that surrounded the Titanic disaster, with constant reminders from film, TV, and books galore, interest in the ship has never been greater. To many she was the greatest ship ever built. Her life was short yet magnificent; her epitaph: she is the ship that never died.

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