Tiger Tracks Eagles Edition by Robert Bailey

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Somewhere on the southern sector, Russian Front, in the summer of 1943. German Tiger 1 tanks are on the attack, along with infantry and Luftwaffe support. Focke Wulf 190’s help cover Ju 87 Stukas, which are moving ahead to engage Russian armor.

Featured is tank 123 of the 503rd Regiment, driven by Obergefreiter Alfred Kurzmaul. Feldwebel Horst Petzchler’s Focke Wulf ‘Black 6’ overflies the scene, covering the Stukas.

On Artist's Proofs, Remarques, and Eagle Editions: Horst Petzschler served on the Eastern front from September 1943 and flew over 100 missions. Hit once by Soviet flak, he bailed out and was saved by German troops. On many occasions when he was with JG-51 he covered Stuka attacks, including those led by Hans Rudel. Horst scored 22 Soviet aerial victories in addition to 4 more victories on the Western front (the latter in the Me-109). He was awarded the Day Fighter Operational Flying Clasp (Gold) after his 110th mission, and the Iron Cross First Class and Second Class.

Sheet size: 33" wide x 22" high.

25 Eagles Edition Prints w/ ONE co-signature (Fighter ace Horst Petzschler). Comes with THREE companion prints*

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