The Storm Clouds Gather by Nicolas Trudgian


By mid August 1940, the Battle of Britain had reached its most crucial stage. The all-powerful Luftwaffe was inflicting huge losses on RAF Fighter Command, many of its young and inexperienced pilots becoming easy victims of the battle-hardened German Aces. The contest was desperate. Air supremacy was vital.

Each day, weather permitting, armadas of German fighters and bombers set forth across the Channel; the great aerial battles continuing from dawn until dusk. By September, I./JG2 Richthofen was under the command of the brilliant Helmut Wick. Leading the famous wing, Wick was the top-scoring Luftwaffe Ace in the Battle of Britain with 56 victories.

Nicolas Trudgian's dramatic limited edition depicts Wick, with Günther Seeger off his starboard wing, leading the Me109s of I./JG2 out on a mission in September 1940. Heinkel 111 bombers of the Kampfgeschwadern are assembling for another raid on England. A Blenheim of No 2 Group has force-landed on the beach, testimony to Bomber Command's contribution to the historic battle. A masterful portrayal of aerial warfare.

Signed by:

Oberleutnant Günther Seeger
In February 1940, Günther Seeger was an Unteroffizier with 3./JG-2, scoring his first victory in the early days of the Battle of Britain. He served on the Channel Front until December 1942, including several months with the Geschwaderstabsschwarm. He transferred to the Mediterranean theater with II./JG-2 before joining 6./JG-53. In February 1943 he joined 7./JG-53 becoming Staffelkapitän in September 1944. Awarded the Knight's Cross, Günther Seeger scored 56 victories.

Oberleutnant Siegfried Bethke
Siegfried Bethke joined the Luftwaffe in 1935 and was posted to II./JG2 shortly before the Battle of France. During the Battle of Britain he was Staffelkapitän of 2. Staffel JG2, and by the end of 1940 his tally had reached 10. He flew on the Channel Dash but later a serious accident halted his flying career. Awarded the Iron Cross I and II class, he had a total of 14 victories.

Overall print size: 27 1/8" wide x 18 1/2" high.