The Maritime Paintings Of Robert Taylor


‘Perhaps one of Robert Taylor's outstanding characteristics is his use of color in his works. Always smooth and effective, it brings out the light and shade of our ships in whatever situation they find themselves. This is a glorious collection to be treasured for life’
The Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Heath

‘As a wartime captain of a destroyer, and in command of the 5th Destroyer Flotilla, I have taken a keen personal interest in the preservation of H.M.S. Cavalier – the last survivor of the classic destroyers. Robert Taylor’s painting of H.M.S. Cavalier is quite magnificent. He has captured magnificently the colors of the Arctic waters. His pictures of my old command, H.M.S. Kelly, is also superb’
Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Louis Mountbatten

This, the fourth volume published featuring Robert Taylor's art, is the first devoted solely to his maritime paintings. Many of the images have never previously been seen in public. Over 50 paintings are shown in full color, together with a host of pencil drawings, accompanied by fascinating commentary by the artist revealing how he develops his canvases from their initial concept to completion. His relaxed style of writing is a pleasure to read, and this new volume completes a visually stunning record of Robert Taylor's artistic achievement for lovers of ships and the sea. Renowned for meticulous research and accuracy, his attention to detail is apparent in all his work, whether sketches, working drawings or finished paintings. His brushstrokes somehow evoke the very sounds and smell of the sea. The marvellous precision and clarity with which he portrays the ships in his paintings is also to be seen in his treatment of the sea and sky, which he paints with equal mastery.