The Lone Star Lady by Philip West

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Led by The Lone Star Lady, B-52 Stratofortresses based at Anderson AFB on the island of Guam, head for Hanoi, North Vietnam, during the Strategic Air Command's Operation Linebacker II during the winter of 1972. By the end of December 1972, after 729 operational sorties during eleven days of continual air strikes on Hanoi and Haiphong, the B-52 bombers of Strategic Air Command finally brought North Vietnam to its knees. They had fired off well over 1200 surface-to-air missles, virtually exhausting their ground defenses, and it became clear that any renewal of air strikes would devastate the country. The North Vietnamese were at last ready for peace.

Philip West's new painting, now available as a signed and numbered limited edition, pays tribute to the aircrews and ground crews of Strategic Air Command who fought the air war in Vietnam. His beautiful aerial panorama encapsulates a stunning view of the B-52 Stratofortress, capturing the immense size and power of this awesome bomber aircraft.

Overall print size: 27" wide x 19 3/4" high.