Tactical Support Veterans Edition by Richard Taylor

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When it came to hammering German ground forces in the days after D-Day, Lockheed's outstanding P-38 Lightning gained an awesome reputation. Richard Taylor's evocative painting recreates the scene over Pegasus Bridge shortly after D-Day as a pair of P-38 Lightnings thunder inland in support of the advancing allied armies. Below, signs of the recent action are still plainly visible as trucks and their exhausted drivers hasten back to the beach-head to collect reinforcements.

Signed by two pilots who flew the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in Europe during World War II and an additional P38 pilot, together with three Army veterans who fought on D-Day:

Captain James Kunkle
Lieutenant Colonel William WillisLieutenant Colonel William Pope
Staff Sergeant Peter Boyle
Sergeant Titch Rayner
Sergeant Bill True

Overall print size: 33" x 23" high. Image size: 26" wide x 16" high.