• Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1945 dated correct

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    Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1945 dated correct

    Manufacturer : Springfield Armory Serial # : 3744781 Date MFR: May, 1945
    Receiver : D 28291 35 Heat Lot : O 90 A C
    Barrel : 1-S-A-4-45 w/ "P" proof Top: D35448-35-A-99-A-1, ord emb
    Bolt : D28287-19 SA Heat Lot : B-16-B
    Firing Pin : type 2, half round, blued Extractor: parked Ejector: parked
    Operating Rod : flat side, D35382 9 SA, unmodified
    Op Rod Catch : type 2, late wide forks
    Bullet Guide : type 4 stamped, no notch
    Clip Latch : type 2 square front, unmarked
    Follower Assy : type 2, "13" marked
    Follower Arm : type 3 no bevel, w/ forge codes
    Follower Arm Pin : grooved, blued
    Follower Rod : type 5, long fork riveted
    Rear Sight : type 3 lock bar, w/ square ends
    Sight Base : type 3, square cut Sight Cover : type 3, w/ ribs
    Windage Knob : knurled, SA closed arrows
    Elevation Knob : knurled, SA closed arrows
    Aperature : narrow, w/ tracks Pinion : long 8-36
    Trigger Housing : small pad w/ cloverleaf hole, D28290-18-SA
    Trigger Guard : stamped, w/ milled hook
    Trigger : type 2, w/ forge codes
    Hammer : type 3, C46008-9 SA
    Spring Housing : parkerized Spring Plunger : type 2 square
    Safety : round top, SA-11 lower right
    Gas Cylinder : wide base, flat top rear ring
    Cylinder Lock : beveled top
    Lock Screw : poppit, cross slot, "P"
    Front Sight : narrow ears, no seal on screw
    Butt Stock : Springfield, "P" w/ serifs within circle stamped inside grip near bottom

    Cartouche : SA over NFR in round cornered box, small Ordnance stamp
    Butt Plate : standard trap type
    Stock Ferrule : stamped and brazed, large hole w/ "O" on inside
    Front Handguard : unmarked
    Lower Band : stamped and brazed, flat w/ solid pin
    Rear Handguard : w/ clearance cut
    Handguard Clip : stamped, flat

    NOTES : 60% finish, light pitting/rust stain on left side of receiver and clip latch. Evidence of wire brushing on same and under elevation knob. Repaired (brass pinned) front handguard at front and rear, all components Gage good.
    Barrel bright w/ frosted grooves, TE: 3.5, muzzle passes bullet test.

    muzzle shows bullet using M2 ball ammo, and is flush with the case using some vintage M1 (not M2) ball ammo,
    throat measures 4 with USGI erosion Gauge

    bore is frosty but serviceable