• Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1943 dated, correct

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    Nice 1943 dated M1 Garand with correct parts,
    data sheet below:
    Manufacturer : Springfield Armory
    Serial # : 1822258 Date MFR: Aug, 1943
    Receiver : D 28291 28 Heat Lot : 0 46 C
    Barrel : 1-S-A-8-43 "P" "." marked Top :D35448-27-4-39-B, M ord emb U, X
    Throat measures 4 on a USGI gauge, muzzle shows lots of bullet
    bore is shiny no issues
    Bolt : D28287-12 SA Heat Lot : S-06
    Firing Pin : type 2, half round, blued
    Extractor: blued Ejector: blued
    Operating Rod : curved side, D35382 6 SA, unmodified, "M "." top of handle, "P" top of cam
    Op Rod Catch : type 2 late, wide forks, blued accelerator
    Bullet Guide : type 2 milled, unmarked w/ relieved corners
    Clip Latch : type 1 round front, unmarked
    Follower Assy : type 2, "11" marked
    Follower Arm : type 3 no bevel, w/o forge codes
    Follower Arm Pin : grooved, blued
    Follower Rod : type 4, short fork riveted
    Rear Sight : type 2, lock bar w/ round ends
    Sight Base : type 3, square cut
    Sight Cover : type 3, w/ ribs
    Windage Knob : knurled, SA closed arrows
    Elevation Knob : knurled, SA closed arrows
    Aperature : narrow w/ tracks
    Pinion : long 8-36
    Trigger Housing : small pad w/ cloverleaf hole, D28290-12-SA
    Trigger Guard : milled, unmarked, "T" inside center of guard
    Trigger : type 2, w/ forge codes
    Hammer : type 3, C46008-5 SA
    Spring Housing : no finish
    Spring Plunger : w/ guide wings
    Safety : round top, C46015-9SA w/ hole
    Gas Cylinder : wide base, flat top rear ring, "." bayonet lug
    Cylinder Lock : beveled top
    Lock Screw : solid, single slot
    Front Sight : narrow ears, no screw seal
    Butt Stock : Springfield, "P" w/ serifs within circle, inside grip
    Cartouche : SA over EMcF in rnd cornered box, small Ordnance stamp
    Butt Plate : standard trap type
    Stock Ferrule : large hole, stamped and brazed w/ "O" on inside
    Front Handguard : unmarked
    Lower Band : stamped and brazed, arched w/ solid pin, rectangular staking
    Rear Handguard : w/ clearance cut
    Handguard Clip : stamped, flat
    NOTES : 75% finish two tone receiver. Very nice wood. All components Gage good.
    Barrel bright w/ sharp lands and grooves. TE: 3.5, tight muzzle. Dings on muzzle but crown is undamaged and sharp