Somewhere In Time by Franklin Saye

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There is something about the Chesapeake that casts a spell over us and keeps drawing us to her. The timeless beauty of her old antebellum houses, classic workboats and small villages takes us into a nostalgic time warp that could be any time, or any place. Franklin A. Saye has spent numerous times on the Chesapeake, taking in her timeless beauty and filing away the many images in his mind. "Somewhere in Time" was created by drawing upon the mind's eye of the artist. The painting could be anywhere or anytime. The artist is sure he has seen this scene but cannot remember where or when, but it is there in his mind.

The Artist Proof Edition has a hand painted Remarque on the bottom border.

Overall size: 29" wide x 21" high.

Image size: 25" wide x 16" high.