• Russian TOZ TO3-35 Single Shot .22cal. Target Pistol

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    This item has been SOLD, DO NOT try to purchase it. Just one of the fine firearms that has come through our shop.

    Russian TOZ TO3-35 Single Shot .22cal. Target Pistol, comes with wood carry case and accessories. Single shot, loads like a Martini action by moving a lever on the bottom of the pistol grip handle. Cocking lever is located behind the trigger. Trigger is very sensitive, maybe 2 ounces and is angled to the right to fit the hand better. Originally the pistol is shipped from the factory with the grips as a block of wood and the shooter must shape the wood to fit his grip. This pistol fits like an extension of your arm. A 1980s Olympic medallion is stuck to the grip, previous owner had qualified for the 1980 Olympic Shooter's Team but wasn't able to attend because of President Carter's boycott of the games. Not sure how the previous owner came across this pistol. Very clean gun, stamped U.S.S.R.