• Remington 722, converted to single shot 219 Donaldson Wasp

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    Remington 722, converted to single shot, single trigger
    Serial Number - 353044
    Barrel - Stainless Steel WM E. Cotter 219 DON (Donaldson Wasp), Unertl scope mounts

    Remington 722,
    converted to single shot, mag removed, stock is solid
    single trigger, tuned well, does not look like a 40X trigger
    Serial Number - 353044 C&R OK
    Stainless Steel barrel marked WM E. Cotter 219 DON (Donaldson Wasp),
    overall good blue finish on receiver and trigger guard
    wood in great shape, smooth unmarked white line type pad
    marksman style stock with wide flat forearm, walnut, no swivels
    nice 50's or 60's varmint or bench gun,
    Unertl scope mounts, one on barrel, one on rear receiver bridge, front ring tapped
    receiver tapped for side sight mount, stock is cut for side mount (no mount available)
    stock unmarked, has filler in strip for target or Freeland type rail
    barrel is heavy, tapers to .890 at muzzle, dished target crown,
    24" barrel also tapped forward of the scope base
    (barrel tapped in 2 places, + receiver tapped
    no idea or actual age, or round count
    Standard 3 day, no fire, no parts swap, no mess with return policy with no refund on shipping either way, thanks!
    ships USPS Priority insured to your FFL