One Hundred Up! by Simon Atack


Whichever way one looks at it, the Avro Lancaster became the backbone, indeed the heart and soul of RAF Bomber Command during the arduous air war of World War II. Following its introduction in mid-1942, the mighty "Lanc" took part in almost every night bombing raid in Europe, and some of the most daring missions of the war: the sinking of the Tirpitz, the destruction of the missile sites at Peenemunde, and perhaps most famous of all, the legendary raid on the Mohne and Eder Dams in 1943.

In a salute to the bomber crews of World War II, Simon Atack has painted a fine rendering of one of RAF Bomber Command's most famous Lancasters. With an 8000lb. "cookie" blockbuster bomb tucked into her bomb bay, RAAF skipper T. N. Scholefield pilots the 467 Squadron Lancaster "S For Sugar" out on her 100th mission on May 11, 1944. Embellished with a bomb symbol painted on the fuselage signifying each raid completed, and the infamous Goering quotation "No enemy plane will fly over the Reich Territory", the mighty Lancaster leads a formation bound for Germany. In total she completed 137 bombing raids. Today, beautifully restored, she proudly rests in the RAF Bomber Command Museum at Hendon, London.

Together with the artist Simon Atack, every print is individually signed in pencil by TWO distinguished members of RAF Bomber Command who flew Lancasters during World War II.

Flight Sergeant Stan Bradford DFM
Stan Bradford was mid-upper gunner on Lancaster ED308 'D-Donald' of 57 Squadron RAF Bomber Command, then based at Scampton. By the end of his tour in March 1944, Stan had become an air 'Ace', credited by 5 Group with the shooting down of 6 enemy fighters, including a Bf109 over France on his very first operation on the night of August 27, 1943.

Flight Lieutenant Bob Knights DSO DFC
Lancaster pilot Bob Knights joined 619 Squadron RAF Woodhall Spa in September 1943, successfully completing his first tour of 26 ooperations. In January 1944 he was asked to join 617 Squadron with Leonard Cheshire, and carried out the precision bombing attacks for which 617 Sqn. was famed. These included three attacks on the Tirpitz, and attacks on factories, U-boat pens, and VI rocket sites. Bob Knights completed a further 44 operations with 617 Squadron.

Overall print size: 23 1/2" wide x 31 1/4" high.