Nicolas Trudgian Air Combat Legends Vol. II Collector Ed. Book

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A limited edition book of air combat paintings and drawings by one of the world's finest Aviation Artists, issued with an exciting collection of matching numbered prints.

In this, Nicolas Trudgian's second published collection, over 40 paintings featuring classic combat aircraft are reproduced in full color, supported and enhanced by wonderfully detailed pencil drawings. The artist's first hand narrative describes each painting, his research, discussions with aircrews, and how these relate to his finished canvasses.

Trudgian brings a reality and authenticity to his work that has made him a favorite with the pilots and crews of the combat aircraft featured in his paintings- an accolade achieved by very few aviation artists. The foreword is by leading Battle of Britain fighter Ace, Air Commodore Pete Brothers,CBE, DSO, DFC*.

Beautifully bound in hard case, with full color dust jacket, Nick's new book provides a veritable art gallery of magical quality that will bring endless hours of pleasure for enthusiasts of classic aircraft of the past, and will serve as a tribute to the gallant pilots and crews who flew them in combat.

Whether we are viewing Spitfires in the Battle of Britain, Tomahawks dueling with Me109s in the desert, a combat scene set in the extreme cold of the Eastern front, or a low-level bomber attack upon rail yards in occupied Europe, Nick's attention to detail, his colorful approach, and the very depth of his research shines through every canvas. This lavishly produced Volume II book - Volume I is completely sold out - is packed with colorful imagery which turns the clock back half a century, bringing to life the historic air battles which helped forge the shape of aviation, indeed the world, as we know it today.

The Collectors Edition (Individually numbered 1 - 400)
Consisting of s/n book, slipcase, THREE matching numbered prints, one of which - Eagles of the Eighth, is pilot signed.

The Collectors Edition (Includes the THREE following prints: Eagles Of The Eighth, Eagle Attack, and Pathfinder Halifax.)

Eagles Of The Eighth by Nicolas Trudgian

Major Jim Goodson taxies his 4th (The Eagles) Fighter Group P-51D Mustang at Debden following a mission to supply air support over the Normandy beaches soon after D-Day, June 1944. Having previously flown Spitfires and Hurricanes with the RAF, Spitfires with 133 Eagle Squadron, and P-47 Thunderbolts with the Fourth Fighter Group, Jim Goodson became one of the USAAF's top fighter pilots of WWII. Each print from Nick's fine study of his P-51 is individually signed by Colonel Jim Goodson.

Signed by:

Colonel James Goodson
Born in New York, Jim Goodson visited Europe as a student prior to the war. He was a survivor on the liner Athenia when she was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1939, and that determined him to join the RAF. He flew firstly Hurricanes with 43 Squadron and then Spitfires with 416 Squadron in the Kenley wing. When the entire 133 Eagle Squadron was lost on a mission he was transferred to help reform it, subsequently becoming Commanding Officer. In September 1942 he moved with the American Eagle Squadron pilots to the 4th Fighter Group USAAF, where he commanded 336 Squadron, flying P47 Thunderbolts. Soon after they re-equipped with P51 Mustangs. In June 1944 he flew missions to support the Normandy Invasion beachhead. Jim Goodson flew until he was shot down 10 months before the war ended. Credited with 32 enemy aircraft destroyed, he was one of the most decorated Aces in the USAAF.

Overall print size: 11 3/4" wide x 9 1/2" high.

Eagle Attack by Nicolas Trudgian

Typical of the great air battles fought in the skies above occupied Europe were the determined interceptions by Luftwaffe fighters, particularly upon the massed daylight raids mounted by the American Eighth Air Force. In this striking painting, Major Herman Graf, Gruppenkommandeur of JG50, and Oberleutnant Alfred Grislawski, Staffelkapitan of 1./JG50, flying Me109G-6s lead an attack on B-17 Fortresses of the 91st Bomb Group, high over Germany in early September, 1943. Each print from Nick's compelling study of Germany's most outstanding fighter of the war is individually signed by Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski.

Signed by:

Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski (Eagle Attack)
Alfred Grislawski joined 9./JG52 in Rumania, taking part in operations in the Balkans and Crete. By the end of 1942 he had over 80 victories. Wounded in the summer of 1943, he then joined Herman Graf's official Group JG-Sud/JG50 and went into action flying against the fighters and bombers of the US 8th Air Force. Promoted Staffelkapitan 1./JG1, and later to command 8./JG1, and 11./JG53 he was eventually shot down in September 1944 and hospitalized. He had achieved 138 victories in over 800 combat missions. He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

Overall print size: 11 3/4" wide x 9 1/2" high.

Pathfinder Halifax by Nicolas Trudgian

Remembered fondly by many RAF, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand bomber crews, the Halifax served many diverse roles in WWII, including service with Special Duties, dropping agents and supplies behind enemy lines. Seen in Nick's emotive painting, Halifax MkIIs of 35 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, head out over the Lincolnshire coastline at dusk bound for Germany, August 1942. Number 35 Squadron was one of five squadrons selected to form the original Pathfinder Force. Each print is signed by John Petrie-Andrews, who flew 70 combat operations in WWII, including 60 with the Pathfinders.

Signed by:

Flight Lieutenant John Petrie-Andrews DFC DFM (Pathfinder Halifax)
John Petrie-Andrews joined the RAF in 1940. After training as a pilot, in January 1943 he was posted to join 102 Squadron for his first tour, flying Halifaxes. In February 1943 he transferred to 158 Squadron. John then joined 35 Squadron, one of the original squadrons forming the Pathfinder Force. Here he flew first Halifaxes before converting to Lancasters. John Petrie-Andrews completed 70 operations on heavy bombers, including 60 with the Pathfinders.

Overall print size: 11 3/4" wide x 9 1/2" high.