Jet Strike by Nicolas Trudgian

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Signed and numbered Limited Edition print. Double-matted with original signature of ADOLF GALLAND.

Arguably the most significant fighter leader of WWII, General Adolf Galland flew fighters throughout the battles of France, Britain, and the fiercely contested Western Front. Promoted to General, he took command of all German day and night fighters, but was in constant dispute with Luftwaffe supremo, Hermann Goering, who ultimately sacked him. Reinstated on orders from Hitler, Galland returned to active combat in the final year of the war, commanding the legendary JV-44 (Squadron of Experts) fighter wing, flying the revolutionary Me262 jet. The great Adolf Galland ended the war he had begun - flying fighters in daily combat. Nick's dramatic painting shows Galland's Me262s of JV-44 climbing to intercept a formation of B-17s in April, 1945.

Print size: 18" wide x 12" high.

Overall matt size: 25" wide x 19 3/8" high.