• Jet Interceptors by Nicolas Trudgian

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    Signed and numbered Limited Edition print. Double-matted with original signature of Herbert Ihlefeld.

    Herbert Ihlefeld returned to Germany from the Spanish Civil War a highly decorated young pilot with no fewer than 9 aerial victories. At the end of World War II this talented fighter ace had achieved 140 air victories and survived being shot down 8 times during over 1000 combat missions. He flew in the battles of Poland, France and Britain, before moving to the Balkans in command of I./LG2. In 1942 Herbert became Kommodore of the famed JG52 but serious injury took him out of the front line until 1943 when he joined JG25 as Kommodore, leading the group's Me109s in defense of the Reich. In 1945 he took command of JG1, the group being equipped with the revolutionary Heinkel 162 'people's fighter' jet.

    Nicolas Trudgian's painting shows Herbert Ihlefeld's personal He162 'White 23' with others on patrol. This aircraft was later captured intact and is now in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.

    Overall matt size: 25" wide x 19 3/8" high.

    Print size: 18" wide x 12" high.