Greycap Leader by Robert Taylor

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Leading 433 (Canadian) Squadron, Johnnie Johnson swings his twelve Spitfires to the south-east, following the course of the river at 12,000 feet. All eyes are peeled.

Operating from an ex-Luftwaffe base at Culot in Belgium, Johnnie Johnson's Canadian Wing were in combat most days the weather permitted. The Luftwaffe had staged a remarkable recovery after their defeat at Normandy and by September 1944, were operating in strength from airfields east of the Rhine. Big formations of Fw190 and Me109 fighters were pitting themselves against the RAF's ground-attack Typhoons, and it was the Canadians task to get to the Luftwaffe fighters first.

"Greycap from red three. Nine bandits below".

With all the essentials of tactical success, speed, height and surprise, the Canadians plummet into the enemy fighters. Within seconds the air becomes a tangle of twisting, turning fighters.

An aerial dog-fight scene portrayed as only Robert Taylor can, now issued as a limited edition signed by no fewer than TEN Spitfire pilots who flew in combat in Johnnie Johnson's legendary Canadian Wing.

Each copy of GREYCAP LEADER is signed by no fewer than TEN of the leading Fighter Pilots who flew SPITFIRES with the Canadian Squadrons in Europe during World War II.

Squadron Leader Danny Browne - DFC
Squadron Commander 441 Sqn RCAF
Squadron Commander 421 Sqn RCAF

Wing Commander J.F. "Stocky" Edwards - DFC*, DFM
94 Sqn RAF
Flight Commander 260 Sqn RAF
417 Sqn RCAF
Flight Commander 92 Sqn RAF
Squadron Commander 274 Sqn RAF
Wing Leader 127 Wing RCAF

Squadron Leader Hartland Finlay - DFC
416 Sqn RCAF
403 Sqn RCAF
Squadron Commander 443 Sqn RCAF

Wing Commander Hugh Godefroy - DSO, DFC*, Croix de Guerre
401 Sqn RCAF
Squadron Commander 403 Sqn RCAF
Wing Leader 127 Wing RCAF

Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie Johnson - CB, CBE, DSO**, DFC*, DL
Top Scoring Allied Fighter Pilot
19 Sqn RAF
Squadron Commander 619 Sqn RAF
Wing Leader 127 Wing RCAF
Wing Leader 144 Wing RCAF
Wing Leader 125 Wing RCAF

Lieutenant General Don Laubman - DFC*
Flight Commander 412 Sqn RCAF
Squadron Commander 402 Sqn RCAF

Wing Commander Andy Mackenzie - DFC, CD
421 Sqn RCAF
Flight Commander 403 Sqn RCAF

Wing Commander Robert G. Middlemiss - DFC, CD
145 Sqn RAF
41 Sqn RAF
249 Sqn RAF
Flight Commander 403 Sqn RCAF 

Flight Lieutenant Larry Robillard - DFM, CD
145 Sqn RAF
72 Sqn RAF
402 Sqn RCAF
443 Sqn RCAF 

Wing Commander Roderick Smith - DFC*
Flight Commander 412 Sqn RCAF
Flight Commander 126 Sqn RCAF
Squadron Commander 401 Sqn RCAF

Overall Print Size: 33" Wide x 23 1/2" High.