Glorious Summer by Robert Taylor

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Throughout the long hot summer of 1940 the destiny of the British Isles, indeed the future of Europe, laid in the hands of a small band of young RAF fighter pilots. Against them stood the vast aerial fleets of an all-powerful Luftwaffe, gloating and confident from its victories in Poland, France and the Low Countries. Lying in wait across the Channel, anticipating an easy victory by its air force, were the armies of the most powerful tyrant the world had ever known.

With Europe already succumbed to Nazi rule, Britain was alone, the last bastion among free nations to stand against an evil empire bent upon world domination. The battle, the first ever to be fought entirely in the air, would change the course of history, whatever the outcome.

Out numbered more than five to one at the outset, the odds were so heavily stacked against the RAF, the task looked almost hopeless. But as the ferocious aerial battles continued through the long summer months, the tactical skills, devotion and raw courage of the RAF's young flyers, gradually turned the tide. By September end, the battle was won and the defeated Luftwaffe retired to its plundered territories to lick its wounds.

The Ace's Edition signatures:

Air Commodore Peter Brothers CBE DSO DFC - 32 Squadron - Battle of Britain Flight Commander - 16 victories

Wing Commander Christopher 'Bunny' Currant DSI DFC - 605 Squadron - 12 ½ victories

Group Captain Dennis David CBE DFC AFC - 87 Squadron - 16 victories plus 5 unconfirmed

Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC - 1 Squadron and 421 Flt. - 24 ½ victories

Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM - 501 Squadron - 8 victories plus 1 possible

Wing Commander GORDON SINCLAIR OBE DFC - 310 Squadron - 10 victories

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