Delta Lady Artist Proof by Philip West

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Moments after take off, the mighty Avro Vulcan XH558 bomber begins her majestic climb through storm clouds, out over the British countryside towards the North Sea.

A masterpiece of British engineering 'excellence', she acted as a nuclear deterrent throughout the Cold War until the arrival of Polaris. Prior to her retirement in 1993 she had thrilled many in air displays nationwide.

Built as a bomber and some 106 feet in length with a wingspan of 111 feet she had no means of defending herself from attack. With a crew of 5, the Avro Vulcan bomber had a top speed of 625 mph and excelled at a height of 61,000 feet, as well as having a remarkable capacity for low level flight to avoid enemy radar detection.

Vulcan Crew Signatories:

Squadron Leader David Thomas (Pilot)
Wing Commander Mike Pollitt (Pilot)
Squadron Leader Andy Marson (Navigator)
Squadron Leader Barry Masefield (AEO)

Overall print size: 31" wide x 23" high.

Image size: 23" wide x 17" high.