• 1880 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle with Triangular Ramrod Bayonet

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    1880 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle with Triangular Ramrod Bayonet

    SN 156755. Cal. 45-70. This model was the first Springfield effort at developing a self-contained bayonet. It has 32-5/8″ round bbl, square base front sight and a 1200 yard ski jump rear sight marked with an “R”. Breech block has the M1873 markings without crossed arrows and lock plate has 1879-style markings “U.S. / SPRINGFIELD” with a small eagle. Mounted in an uncheckered, full-length one piece walnut stock with straight grip and musket butt plate with trap marked U.S.. It has two bands, each with a U stamp, front band having a stacking swivel and sling loop with corresponding sling loop in trigger guard. Left side of wrist has a mostly legible “SWP” 1881 cartouche. Bottom of stock has double inspector's mark “P” in a circle. The triangle-shaped pointed sliding bayonet is retained with a small locking spring that has serrated ears on each side which presses a small stud in recesses in top flat of bayonet. Bottom two flats of the exposed part of bayonet have machined serrations. Lifting the locking spring allows the bayonet to slide forward until it encounters another locking recess. The bayonet can be removed for use as a cleaning rod and has threaded end to accommodate cleaning implements. Approximately there were 1,001 of these rare rifles produced in 1880 for trial by the U. S. Military. Indeed they were trial rifles, and mostly saw hard service until they were retired. CONDITION: Very good. The metal, overall, retains a smooth blue-brown patina. Top tang shows strong case colors. Very rare find in this condition.

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